September 2015
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September 2015

By Cheyenne Wiscovitch, Sep 9 2015 12:18AM

Happy September! I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer. I know here at A.W. Professional Gardening and Landscaping, we sure did! We also hope that everyone stayed nice and cool, while saving water at the same time! I am sure you are all aware that California is experiencing the worst drought we have ever had. Luckily, you have your local & professional landscaping team ready to help convert your green grass into a beautiful drought tolerant landscape! We have been working on drought tolerant landscapes all summer long, giving us lots of experience in creating the perfect drought tolerant yard. These are photos from a job that we recently finished.

There are many ways that residents of California can save water. All you have to do is change a few things, or a lot in your yard. You control how much you want to save! Here is a list of ways you can help save water: install a drip system, change your dirt and soil to mulch and woodchips, change your sprinkler heads to low water usage sprinkler heads, add a rock garden, switch some plants with succulents, and lastly, change out seasonal plants to drought tolerant plants in your yard. (Some drought tolerant plants are listed in April’s blog). All of these landscape changes can give you water savings up to 80%. Since these landscape choices don’t require a high water demand, it will save you money in the long run.

There is no denying that this summer has been a hot one. Just as people get hot and need water, so do plants. However, since we are going into the 4th year of our drought, you might want to consider converting your existing landscape to a drought tolerant landscape to save water and money!

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