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By Cheyenne Wiscovitch, Aug 11 2016 05:35PM

Happy February! This is the one month a year that there is the extra spirit of love in the air. Which is exactly why you are going to “extra love” the information I am about to share with you. Do you feel guilty when it is raining and your sprinklers over-water your lawn? Or do you get frustrated when your grass starts to go brown because you forget to set your sprinkler system to run? Trust me, I know the feeling! Thankfully, with today’s technology we can rest assured that your grass is getting the proper TLC it needs.

The first type of controller is called a RainBird SST Smart Series. All you have to do is turn it on and it does the rest for you! It is very easy to manage with its bright back light, large control handle, and easy programing. All you need to provide is your zip code, allowed watering days in your city, the type of soil in specific zones, landscape slope, and how much sun is exposed in that region. My personal favorite feature that the RainBird SST Smart Series contains is the ability to measure how much water has fallen. It adjusts the sprinkler system’s running time based on how much water the grass has already gotten. Another neat feature that the RainBird Smart Series has is you are able to pre-set a specific date, up to a year in advance! This way the system won’t water your grass and guests at your daughter’s graduation party! The RainBird Smart Series also claims it will save you as much as 20% water every month.

Another smart controller is a Rachio, Iro. This type of controller is very similar to the RainBird Smart Series. It is able to save you water, which in turn saves you money. It also tracks your local weather, adjusting itself as needed. The Iro also can adjust the watering level according to the specific region type. My favorite part of the Iro, smart irrigation control is the ability to control it anywhere you go. It runs off of WIFI so if you are on vacation and forgot to fix something on the schedule, don’t worry! Just by downloading the app, you are able to have complete control over the irrigation system controller. The other neat thing about this controller is you can get your analytics month to month.

The last type of Smart Controller is made by Weathermatic. Just as Rainbird and Rachio have other controllers they make, Weathermatic also has other controllers. The one I am going to focus on is called Proline. It can water as little as 4 zones and up to 24 different stations it can be set up to water in your yard! That’s right, 24! It also detects rain and snow causing it to shut off when it has exceeded the amount of water your yard needs. It has a large backlight so you are able to see it nice and easily. The neatest part of this controller is its ability to locate a lost valve. Often times grass or bushes will grow over the valve lines. Well with this great new technology, the Weathermatic Proline controller system is able to send a signal to the missing valve. Which eliminates the hassle to go out and get a valve locator which costs lots of $$$. (I’m talking a couple thousand) The last feature I would like to mention is the ability to control the irrigation system with your phone with a program called Smartlink.

These irrigation system controllers are very modern, up to date, and easy to manage! I would look into getting an advanced system controller, especially if you like to save lots of mula ($$$)!

Al’s Helpful Tip of the Month!

Did you know?

In order to achieve the full potential of your irrigation smart system controller is to install a raincheck or a weather station to complement your irrigation system controller. Al feels that it would be unfair for him to voice which controller is best out there, well simply because they are all great! His advice would be to speak to your local professionals, let them know your needs, and allow them help you make your decision!

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